Jan. 21st, 2011

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8. Milk: A Global History, by Hannah Velten
9. Tea: A Global History, by Helen Saberi
10. Cavier: A Global History, by Nichola Fletcher
11. Curry: A Global History, by Colleen Taylor Sen

These were the last four books in the Edible series that have been published so far. There's four more coming out in a month or so, and if you believe the coming attractions at the front of the books, many more than that. Of these four, the only foodstuff I've not read a longer book on already was Cavier, and I don't know that one exists. I read the tea book so long ago that I don't really remember it. The milk book was very, very much like this one, just longer. And the curry book had been focused on curry in India and in England, while this one was delightfully global. All in all, I've greatly enjoyed this series, and I hope that some of the more interesting titles end up getting published. (Porridge!)

And the one I couldn't finish: Thames: The Biography, by Peter Ackroyd

I came to read the history of the river, not wade through Ackroyd's philosophical ramblings. I got 100 pages in and realized I couldn't bear to read the next 250.


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