Aug. 1st, 2011

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I just recently got caught up on the Fallout: New Vegas DLC. Life is fun once you've topped level 30 and you have a Holorifle, several thousand microfusion cells, the Desert Ranger combat armor, an awesome cowboy hat, and more caps than you could ever spend.

The DLC for NV is, btw, somewhat mixed. Dead Money had a great story, but seemed to have been designed by people trying to make it as difficult to complete as possible. And a bug that killed my game. Honest Hearts was much better, but had a bittersweet ending no matter what you did. Old World Blues is mostly a fun homage to bad science fiction movies, but had an uncomfortably bizarre tendency towards weirdly vulgar humor. And Lonesome Road won't be out for weeks. But the really important thing is that I got a great gun, incredible armor, and the ability to wipe out Deathclaw nests while barely breaking a sweat.

So I ran out of things to do in the Mojave, and felt inspired to go back to DC. Playing the two back to back, I was surprised at how much more I'd enjoyed FNV. I still love 3, of course. I'm having a great time in my run, and I'm making good progress. (I had started up an evil run, but then realized that I didn't actually want to play evil so started all over again after blowing up Megaton.) But I will try to remember, if ever I play it again, that starting out with energy weapons is for suckers. I was hours into the game before I could stop carrying around a pistol, because of low ammo for my energy weapons. That shouldn't be an issue at this point.

But probably what I miss most about NV is the hats. The pre-war hat just isn't the same, and I miss my extensive collection of cowboy hats.


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