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I'm playing my second run on Oblivion. I know it's only my second in a full year, but I play a lot of different games! This time, I'm playing a Breton thief and assassin. She graduated to assassin after a robbery gone wrong, of course. Level 17, but very close to 18. I've gotten to the point in the Dark Brotherhood quest where I'm supposed to be killing my entire cell. And I'm putting it off. I really like those people! I've finished off the thief quests, though. Sooooo much fun. I think I really did much better at them this time around. I did have a little problem with Ocato hanging around in the last one, but a couple potions of invisibility at least got me through the fireplace unscathed. I'm also filthy stinking rich, probably partly because I'm not buying and furnishing all of the houses this time around.

Oblivion has also become my favorite winter game. My first run was last year, in the winter. We ended up having ten days called off for snow, and several others late. So I could play more Oblivion, naturally. Now I'm playing again, and we've already had five snow days and one late day/early dismissal. (My Northern background snickers at the Chicken Little-ing over an inch or two of snow, but I'll take the days off with pay!) Naturally, I'll be playing again next winter. In fact, I hereby declare Oblivion the Official Video Game of Winter.
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