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Birthdate:May 27
I'm in my early twenties, a grad student, and a future librarian. I consider myself a part of many fandoms without actually participating in any of them, and have been twice in the newspaper for fannish things, and possibly once on the news for a fannish thing. Most of my interests should be listed in my Interests, except those many things that I haven't thought of listing yet.

I think my journal is probably boring, so friend with care. Also, I'll probably hate this bio within two minutes and not bother to change it in a year.

Interests (118):

alan rickman, amy brown, animation, barbie, beauty and the beast, broadway, build-a-bear workshop, cabaret, camille desmoulins, chauvelin, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, comics, corsets, cravats, dandies, david bowie, discworld, disney, douglas adams, douglas sills, elves, enjolras, ewan mcgregor, fairies, fairy tales, fandom wank, fantasy, feminism, folklore, folktales, french revolution, frenchboys, ghosts, grantaire, great big sea, greek mythology, guillotine, harry potter, hauntings, hermione granger, history, hoaxes, hockey, hogwarts, iharthdarth, j.k. rowling, jack the ripper, jacobins, jane austen, jane eyre, jareth, jean prouvaire, jedi order, johnny depp, kingdom of loathing, kinuko y. craft, knitting, kurt wagner, labyrinth, land of oz, legends, les amis de l'abc, les miserables, libraries, library science, lord of the rings, malory towers, maximilien robespierre, monty python, mr. darcy, mr. rochester, musicals, mythology, narnia, nashville predators, neil gaiman, neville longbottom, nightcrawler, nightmare before christmas, not sharing this interest, oscar wilde, paranormal events, phantom of the opera, portrait of dorian gray, princess bride, princess maker, professor mcgonagall, q continuum, ravenclaw, robespierre, rocky horror, saffic, saint-just, scarlet pimpernel, school stories, serial killers, sir ian mckellan, sir percy blakeney, slash, sleeping beauty, snark, sondheim, star trek, star wars, superstition, teddy bears, terry pratchett, tim curry, tolkien, transformers, urban legends, utena, veggie tales, velvet goldmine, victor hugo, x-men, ziggy stardust
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